We are committed to providing exceptional products that exceed your expectations, elevate your brand value, and customer satisfaction.

Perfect Materials

Cotton is absorbent, strong, and holds dyes and colors beautifully. But not all cottons are created equal. Experience your bath experience by choosing our bath towels made from highest quality cotton.

Save Water

91% reduced water consumption – excluding rain water. 80% rain fed.

Ethically Made

Crafted with care & attention, by some of the most skilled hands in the business.


We work with manufacturers who follows Fairtrade practices helping farmers to become better organized, more established, and increasingly self-sufficient.

Popular Products

Bath Linen

Bed Linen

The Best Quality, Priced Fairly

We understand that quality is not announced, it is presented. Our most prestigious customers have been helping us on our permanent evolution.
Its demands on quality and the suggestions of improvement presented have been very important.
At Classic Cottons, we follow up the quality along the entire procurement process. We know that the quality is important and quality is not a game to play with.

The Ultimate Weave and Thread Count

As consumers we are led to believe that the measure of quality is ‘thread count’, and the higher it is the better the quality. Using all our knowledge we have created the very best fabrics so you don’t need to worry.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GMO’s, we choose each fabric with care and intention, bringing you nature’s most sustainable and most beautiful. Each product is always consciously crafted with care by some of the world’s best makers. Our partners produce according to the highest ethical standards from seed to final garment.

Usability, Washability & Durability

100% cotton towels can offer a great experience, there is a big difference between towels used in homes and the towels used in hotel industry.
Towels that are used in Hotel industry will be washed almost daily. Because of this, when selecting new towels, there are other important things to think about beyond just a soft touch.
We designed our products to make sure our towels are made to stand up to constant laundering and good at drying while providing a comfortable experience for guests.

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